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About Article One with Molly Hooper

2020 feels like a hurricane of news, the eye of which is centered squarely above the Capitol Dome.

My name is Molly Hooper, I'm a longtime Capitol Hill reporter. I love Congress.

For many years, I've walked the halls of Congress as a reporter with various news outlets. During that time, I have had the chance to get to know members of Congress, their team of staffers and other legislative support staff.

The goal of Article One with Molly Hooper is to educate and entertain readers and listeners interested in understanding how Congress works from a practical perspective - a birds-eye view.

  • What does it take to become a member of Congress?
  • How do you hold on to that job once voters decide to send you to Capitol Hill?
  • How do you get things done: bills passed, amendments made, nominations confirmed?
  • How do you get on the right committees? What does the right committee even mean?
  • What is a motion to recommit? Why should I care?

When you start talking to a lawmaker, it's clear that behind the title of "Rep," "Sen," "Leader," and "Speaker" is a regular person with unusual aspirations.

Beyond the twitter rants and TV bluster, the people that voters choose to represent them in Congress are real people. They have families, pets, best friends and hobbies. They have diverse backgrounds that inform many decisions they make and how they operate in Congress.

My goal is to share conversations with lawmakers and staffers to help answer the questions I posed above.

Article One with Molly Hooper is my attempt to tell these stories - share successes and defeats - with an audience interested in what makes members of Congress tick.

I plan to release at least two podcasts per week (which I will cross-post to this website.) Between those podcasts, I will fill in the news gathered out of those interviews.

I invite you to engage, send tips (for topics to cover on Congress) and interview suggestions.

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