Ep. 14: Former White House Legislative Affairs Director Eric Ueland

February 2nd, 2021 · 1 hr 3 mins

About this Episode

Eric Ueland has worn many hats in the U.S. Capitol. Big. Hats.

  • Chief of Staff to former Senate Majority Leader.
  • Staff Director of Senate Committee.
  • Legislative Affairs Director to former President Donald Trump.

Eric Ueland is well-known to Capitol Hill insiders. They would agree he is one of the most appropriate individuals to break down what-the-heck-is-going-on-in-the-Senate.

During his career in the U.S. Capitol, Ueland, known for his extensive knowledge of Senate history, always had time to explain arcane procedural rules to reporters, staffers and lawmakers.

Over the years, Ueland, an Oregon native, served as chief of staff for former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.). staff director of the Senate Budget Committee and legislative affairs director for former President Donald Trump.

In our wide-ranging conversation, Ueland describes how a 50-50 Senate can operate in a time of deep division in the country. He lifts the curtain on how the White House works with Congress to get deals done e.g. the CARES Act. And he touches on the current impeachment charges against his former boss.

Take a listen and let me know what you think.

Episode Links

  • Former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) tribute to Ueland on Senate Floor — "Eric is gifted with a passion for history, a thirst for knowledge, and a high reverence for the Senate. These talents have made him a uniquely capable adviser and leader in the majority leader's office. He contextualizes every Senate debate, recalls appropriate precedent, and draws parallels to moments in history. A nameplate is discretely displayed on his desk, and the name it bears: ``Information.'" - Bill Frist on the Senate Floor